VEVOR Pond Liner 20 x 25 ft 45 Mil Thick EPDM Material Black

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Create a stunning water feature with the VEVOR Pond Liner. This 20 x 25 ft liner is made from pliable EPDM material, ensuring durability and easy cutting for any project. Perfect for fish or koi ponds, water gardens, and fountains. Enhance your outdoor space with this high-quality, 45 Mil thick, black pond liner.


Brand: VEVOR

Color: Black


  • Keep Your Fish Secure: You can prevent water and soil from seeping out of the pond and contaminating water resources by using our pond liner. This will create a better living environment for your fish. Moreover, you can add aquatic plants, rocks, and wildlife to make your pond more attractive.
  • Prevents Aging: This fish pond liner is made of high-quality EPDM material. This means that even when exposed to direct sunlight, the liner will not crack, split or deteriorate, allowing it to retain its properties for years to come.
  • 45 Mil Thick: The pond liner is 20′ x 25′ in size and is designed to be puncture and tear-proof. So you don’t have to worry about sharp rocks or root growth damaging the liner. Plus, the liner provides a flat surface and reduces soil buildup, which makes cleaning your pond easier and quicker.
  • Pliable & Flexible: Our pond lining is flexible and easy to bend and fold, making it suitable for almost any pond shape. Before purchasing, it is important to determine your pond’s precise depth and width. We recommend buying a liner that’s slightly larger than your pond. Any excess liner can be easily cut off after installation.
  • Natural Pond Look: No tools are required for installation. It’s ideal for a variety of water features, including water gardens, waterfalls, outdoor ponds, fish/koi ponds, and more. The liner can even be extended for use in planting beds and other self-watering projects.


The VEVOR 20 x 25 ft Pond Liner is the perfect solution for creating a secure and visually appealing pond environment. Made from pliable EPDM material, this pond liner is 45 mil thick, ensuring it remains tear-proof and puncture-resistant. It effectively prevents water and soil from seeping out, keeping your fish safe and your water resources uncontaminated. The liner’s high-quality construction means it won’t crack or deteriorate, even under direct sunlight, guaranteeing its longevity. With its easy cutting underlayment, it can be tailored to fit any pond shape. Whether you’re creating a water garden, waterfall base, or fish/koi pond, this pond liner provides a natural look and hassle-free installation.

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