VMAXTANKS VMAX Solar Battery SLR155 12V 155Ah AGM Deep Cycle Group GC12 Battery


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Maximize your solar panel backup energy storage with the VMAX Solar Battery SLR155. This 12V AGM deep cycle battery is designed to keep you powered up and efficient. Compatible with Group GC12 batteries, it’s reliable, durable, and will support your energy needs for years to come.

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  • 12V 155Ah AGM Deep Cycle Solar Battery; Dimensions: 13.5″L x 6.8″W x 11.3″H
  • Charge via 10A or higher Smart charger, Solar panels, Vehicle alternator, Charge controller or Converter
  • Mountable in any position, sealed deep cycle battery. Maintenence free and safe for indoor use; Military Grade custom made plates
  • Designed for 99% recombination capabilities; no dangerous fumes or gases
  • Charging voltages for Vmax batteries in a 12V setup: 14.4V-14.9V during bulk/absorption, 13.5V-13.7V during float mode


The VMAX Solar Battery SLR155 is a high-quality and reliable deep cycle battery designed specifically for solar panel backup energy storage. With a capacity of 155Ah, this 12V AGM battery provides long-lasting power for your solar system. Its compact dimensions of 13.5″L x 6.8″W x 11.3″H make it easy to install and mount in any position. You can charge this battery using a 10A or higher smart charger, solar panels, vehicle alternator, charge controller, or converter. With its sealed and maintenance-free design, this battery is safe for indoor use. It features military-grade custom-made plates for enhanced durability and is designed with 99% recombination capabilities, ensuring no dangerous fumes or gases are emitted. The VMAX Solar Battery SLR155 is an excellent choice for reliable and efficient energy storage for your solar system.

UPC: 647213493771

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