Waterco USA Multicyclone 12 Centrifugal Filter 1.5in 40mm 200371


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The Waterco 200371 1.5in 40mm Multicyclone 12 Centrifugal Filter offers superior filtration with its centrifugal design. Enjoy crystal clear pool water with this efficient and durable filter. Upgrade your pool maintenance with the Waterco Multicyclone 12 now!

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Brand: Waterco USA


The Waterco 200371 1.5in 40mm Multicyclone 12 Centrifugal Filter, brought to you by Waterco USA, is an exceptional filtration solution for your pool or spa. With its advanced centrifugal technology, this filter effectively removes dirt, debris, and other impurities, ensuring crystal clear water. The 1.5in 40mm size allows for easy installation and compatibility with existing plumbing systems. The Multicyclone 12 design provides increased filtration capacity, reducing the need for maintenance and enhancing the overall performance of your pool or spa. Trust Waterco USA for top-quality filtration solutions that deliver outstanding results.

UPC: 696447303257

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