Wayne WPCP250 57735-WYN1 Pool Cover Pump Gray


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The Wayne WPCP250 57735-WYN1 is the ultimate pool cover pump, featuring a powerful 1/4 HP motor. With its magnetic float switch and 25 FT pull-to-shore rope, this pump offers effortless automatic operation for removing excess water. Get your pool cover in top shape with this reliable and convenient gray pump.

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Brand: Wayne

Color: Gray


  • Pool Cover Maintenance – The WAYNE 1/4 HP Automatic Pool Cover Pump is a great addition to your pool maintenance. WAYNE model WPCP250 has an automatic on/off switch, which activates the pump once the water level is at, or above 1 5/8”. Auto Off deactivates the pump when water is at or below 1/2″.
  • Automatic Pumping – Water level must be at least 1-5/8” for the pump to turn on, prime, and operate. Keep unwanted rainwater and snow melt off your pool cover this fall and winter.
  • Efficient Design – Energy efficient, high flow oil-free pump. Easy on/off allows you to plug in and leave the pump unattended for worry-free water removal.
  • Additional Features – The multi-ring suction strainer filters out debris to minimize clogging and keep pump from tipping over. This pump has a 25-foot power cord plus a 25-foot “pull-to-shore” rope to help position the pump on the pool cover. Check-valve with 3/4″ garden hose adapter included to reduce repetitive cycling.
  • Quality You Deserve – Proudly assembled in the USA for quality you can trust. Warrantied for 3 years for dependable, efficient performance.


The Wayne WPCP250 57735-WYN1 1/4 HP Automatic Pool Cover Pump is the perfect addition to your pool maintenance routine. With its automatic on/off switch, this pump activates when the water level reaches 1 5/8″ and deactivates when it drops below 1/2″. Designed for efficiency, the high flow oil-free pump is energy efficient and can be left unattended for worry-free water removal. The pump also includes a multi-ring suction strainer to minimize clogging and a 25-foot power cord with a 25-foot “pull-to-shore” rope for easy positioning. Made in the USA and backed by a 3-year warranty, this Wayne pool cover pump is built to deliver dependable performance.

UPC: 040066107480

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