Wilbur Curtis G3 ThermoPro 1.5 Gallon Twin Coffee Brewer – Commercial Brewer


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Elevate your coffee service with the Wilbur Curtis G3 ThermoPro 1.5 Gallon Twin Coffee Brewer. This commercial-grade brewer features advanced brewing technology, brew basket locks, and a 3Ph transformer for efficient operation. Upgrade your coffee setup with this high-performance machine.


Brand: Wilbur Curtis


  • G3 Digital control module provides precise control over all aspects of brewing in an intuitive, easy-to-operate system.
  • Pre-Set Global Recipes At the Touch of a Single Button. This commercial coffee brewer is an integral part of any restaurant, hotel and food service location.
  • Stainless steel ThermoPro(TM) vacuum-sealed servers keep coffee fresh, hot and flavorful. This coffee brewer has advanced features designed to be the leading commercial coffee brewer and restaurant coffee brewer.
  • Enhanced Recovery Circuitry – Boosts performance on 220V/single phase models. User-friendly features were designed for food service professionals that need a reliable coffee brewer.
  • Wilbur Curtis is the preferred beverage equipment provider of restaurants, hotels and other commercial food service establishments. Its products are designed to meet the durability and performance needs of food service professionals. Popular choice because this commercial coffee brewer keeps coffee hot and fresh.


The Wilbur Curtis G3 ThermoPro 1.5 Gallon Twin Coffee Brewer is a top-notch commercial coffee brewing solution. With the G3 Digital control module, it offers precise control and intuitive operation for an exceptional brewing experience. Featuring pre-set global recipes accessible at the touch of a button, this brewer is a must-have for restaurants, hotels, and food service establishments. The stainless steel ThermoPro™ vacuum-sealed servers maintain coffee freshness and flavor, while the enhanced recovery circuitry ensures optimal performance. Trusted by industry professionals, Wilbur Curtis delivers a durable and high-performance coffee brewer that keeps coffee hot and delicious, making it a popular choice for commercial use.

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