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Discover the WNESY Charcoal BBQ, an exquisite rectangular Japanese ceramic grill. Perfect for tabletop cooking, this clay grill brings the authentic flavors of yakiniku to your outdoor gatherings. Experience the best of charcoal cooking with this convenient and stylish charcoal stove.

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Brand: WNESY


  • Traditional Japanese stainless steel table grill, Japanese-style barbecue excellent temperature can provide high-efficiency heat collection.No fuel tanks, no batteries. Using charcoal or wood for the barbecue.
  • [Easy to use] – Japanese style barbecue and Japanese style yakiniku or yakitori are so easy! No installation is required, just open and assemble, then you can put in the charcoal and start the barbecue.
  • [Material] Furnace material: diatom mud, iron grease, clay mud;Stainless steel handle, cooking net material: high quality material. solid and excellent abrasion resistance, no twisting, durable and long lasting.
  • [Warm Tips] – 1. When used together with aluminum foil when barbecue, it can effectively prevent the oven from getting dirty; 2. The oven cannot be washed with water when it is used and cannot collide. Put the charcoal on the stove and put it in the stove. When not in use, pinch the charcoal and let it cool naturally.
  • [Portable] – The barbecue is no longer so annoying and limited by location and equipment. This table grill is easy to install and disassemble, very simple and easy to carry and store. Great for cooking indoors, outdoors, picnics, cafes and bars.


The WNESY Charcoal BBQ is a rectangular Japanese ceramic grill that brings traditional Japanese-style barbecue to your outdoor gatherings. With its excellent temperature control and high-efficiency heat collection, this grill allows you to achieve the perfect grilling results every time. No fuel tanks or batteries are needed, as it uses charcoal or wood for the barbecue. Setting up this grill is a breeze, as there is no installation required. Simply open and assemble, add charcoal, and start grilling. The grill is made with durable materials, including diatom mud, iron grease, clay mud, and a stainless steel handle. The cooking net is made from high-quality material, ensuring solid performance and excellent abrasion resistance. To keep the grill clean, it is recommended to use aluminum foil during barbecuing. The WNESY Charcoal BBQ is also portable and easy to carry, making it a great option for cooking indoors, outdoors, picnics, cafes, and bars. Say goodbye to limitations and enjoy the convenience and deliciousness of Japanese-style barbecue with this tabletop charcoal grill.

UPC: 686789690207