Woodford THERM-05 Bury Thermaline Yard Hydrant 5′


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Introducing the Woodford THERM-05 5′ Bury Thermaline Yard Hydrant – the perfect solution for all your outdoor watering needs. This durable and reliable hydrant is designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions while providing efficient and consistent water flow. Say goodbye to freezing pipes and hello to a hassle-free watering experience.

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Brand: Woodford


  • Riser Pipe1″ galvanized steel pipe
  • Optional 3/4″ brass pipe
  • Valve Permanent type brass valve body with large hemispherical seating surface
  • 3/4″ N.P.T. inlet
  • Length: 5ft


The Woodford THERM-05 5′ Bury Thermaline Yard Hydrant is a reliable and efficient solution for your outdoor water needs. Built with a 1″ galvanized steel riser pipe, this yard hydrant also offers the option of a 3/4″ brass pipe for added durability. The permanent type brass valve body features a large hemispherical seating surface, ensuring long-lasting performance. With a 3/4″ N.P.T. inlet and a length of 5ft, this yard hydrant provides easy access to water in your yard or garden. Trust Woodford for quality and dependability in your outdoor water systems.

UPC: 067109003349

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