XYZ INVT Pure Sine Wave Inverter 4000W 48V DC to 120V AC Blue


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Get reliable and efficient power conversion with the XYZ INVT 4000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter. This inverter is designed to convert 48V DC to 120V AC, with a surge rating of 8000 watts. With a wireless 100ft remote control, it’s perfect for solar systems, off-grid living, camping, and RV use. Experience convenience and power with this versatile inverter.



Color: Blue


  • Heavy Duty! 4000 watts continuous power, 8000 watts peak power, True Sine Wave Power Inverter converts 48V DC to 120V AC Power – Connect DC battery cables to your battery and AC cable to your appliance, a good choice for power backup on emergency!
  • 2 US AC sockets enable your multi appliances at the same time! LED displays let you know the working status all the time. Live, Earth, Neutral Line and Ground connection are available.Dual automatic intelligent Cooling fans to protect the inverter from overheating.
  • Application: Widely used for camping, RV, truck, car, off-grid solar power system and home use appliance. It’s easy to transfer dc power from bettery to ac power to support your laptop, digital cameras, fans, game consoles, GPS, LED LIGHT, lamps, draw and so on.
  • 9 KINDS OF PRODUCTIONS: Short circuit protection; High Temparature protection; High Volt Protection; Low Volt Protection; Surge Protection; Overload Protection; Over Current Protection; Fuse Protection; Recerse Protection.
  • You will get: 1 * 4000w pure power inverter; 1x wireless remote switch, 2 set of battery cable; 1 * user’s manual; 10 * customer card; several spare fuses for replacement.


The XYZ INVT 4000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter is a heavy-duty power converter designed to provide reliable backup power in emergency situations. With 4000 watts of continuous power and 8000 watts of peak power, this inverter converts 48V DC to 120V AC, allowing you to connect multiple appliances simultaneously. The inverter features 2 US AC sockets and LED displays to monitor the working status. It is equipped with dual automatic intelligent cooling fans to prevent overheating. This inverter is ideal for camping, RV, truck, car, off-grid solar power systems, and home use appliances. It comes with multiple protections, including short circuit protection, high temperature protection, surge protection, and more. Included in the package are the 4000W pure power inverter, a wireless remote switch, battery cables, a user’s manual, customer cards, and spare fuses. Choose the XYZ INVT 4000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter for reliable and efficient power backup.

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