ZDDZ Sun Protection Backpack Canopy Oxford Canopy Tent 8MM Diameter Bold Ground Nail with Nylon Rope Multiplayer Folding Shelter for Outdoor UV Block – No Color


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Looking for ultimate sun protection on your outdoor adventures? The ZDDZ Sun Protection Backpack Canopy is your go-to solution. With its durable Oxford Canopy and 8MM Diameter Bold Ground Nail, it ensures maximum stability and UV blockage. Foldable and easy to carry, this multiplayer shelter is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast.

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Brand: ZDDZ


  • Adjustable height: It can be lifted and lowered freely according to needs. It can be adjusted by standing up to 55cm. It can be directly adjusted by standing up in windy weather, which is more wind-resistant and more convenient. The folded size is only 65x18x16cm, with a dedicated storage bag (the color of the storage bag is randomly issued).
  • Pure steel outrigger design: The diameter of the support pole is 2.5cm with 8mm diameter thick nails, the triangle is stressed, and it can easily cope with all kinds of complex and hard ground, with thick nylon ropes. It can prevent strong winds and heavy rains.
  • Easy setup: Setup usually only takes a few minutes. Just open the canopy, set up the support rods, match the ground nails and nylon ropes, use Velcro straps to fix the fabric at the corners, and extend the center upwards.
  • Canopy material: high-quality polyester fabric top can block 99% of the harmful sunlight. The package includes: bracket, canopy cover (100% waterproof), floor nails, nylon rope.
  • Wide range of uses: the sail canopy with a certain tension design can be applied to a variety of scenes. Outdoor areas such as beaches, lawns, backyards, parks, parking lots, etc. that need shading or cooling.


The ZDDZ Sun Protection Backpack Canopy is a versatile and convenient solution for outdoor shading. With adjustable height, it can be easily lifted and lowered to meet your specific needs. The canopy is designed with a pure steel outrigger and thick nails, ensuring stability even on complex and hard ground. Setup is quick and effortless, taking just a few minutes to assemble. The high-quality polyester fabric top blocks 99% of harmful sunlight, providing excellent UV protection. This canopy is perfect for various outdoor settings such as beaches, lawns, parks, and more. With its compact size and dedicated storage bag, it is easy to transport and store. Experience the ultimate sun protection with the ZDDZ Sun Protection Backpack Canopy.

UPC: 657099123112